Performing Artists

Photo: Gerry Szymanski

Arda Cabaoğlu

Arda Cabaoğlu, D.M.A., is an artist, scholar, performer, educator of music, resides in New York City and Istanbul, completed his doctoral studies at the Eastman School of Music, previously studied music at Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden, and İstanbul Technical University (MİAM) in Istanbul. Cabaoglu’s mentors include Håkan Hardenberger, James Thompson, Bo Nilsson, Olle Sjöberg, and Erden Bilgen. 

Multiple award-winning performer, performed world premieres by composers such as Theo Chandler, Jonathan Dawe, Maxwell Dulaney, Turgut Erçetin, Cenk Ergün, Dave Headlam, Evan Henry, Ibrahim Maalouf, Paul Moravec, Leif Segerstam, Daniel Pesca, Nathan Prillaman, David Riebe, Phil Taylor, Jeff Tyzik, and many more.

In February 2020, Arda Cabaoğlu’s unique long durational performance art project called Forced Misophonia: BLAST, BLOW, PULSE was performed by him at Sakıp Sabancı Museum (SSM) during Marina Abramović’s art show curated by Marina Abramović Institute (MAI). As a part of Marina Abramović’s project called AKIŞ/FLUX, Cabaoğlu presented his artwork, where he performed his unique work for 4.5 weeks, 8 hours a day at the SSM, in a specially designed project space. AKIŞ/FLUX marked a major survey of Abramović’s work and the largest project dedicated to performance art in the history of Istanbul. Cabaoğlu’s work is considered to be the world’s longest durational performance art project in its category, performed by a musical instrumentalist.