March 16–18, 2023


The Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP) presents its second international new music festival, CAMPGround23, March 16-18. The festival hosts four concerts, two world premieres, 28 selected composers, and 16 performing artists from around the world. 

The festival is truly interdisciplinary! CAMP collaborates with Tampa City Ballet to bring unique performance arts to the Tampa Bay audience. 

Ticket prices are $15 for general admission, $10 for students and seniors, and FREE for children 8 years old or younger. Get a bundle ticket at $40 for all four CAMPGround23 events! 

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Thursday, March 16 at 7:30pm, Tempus Projects, Ybor City 

Friday, March 17 at 2pm, The Factory, St. Petersburg – FREE ADMISSION

Friday, March 17 at 7:30pm, The Factory, St. Petersburg 

Saturday, March 18 at 4pm, CAMPGround, Tampa 

Contact: / (585) 478-4804 

CAMPGround23 Sound Engineer: Sean Hamilton 

CAMPGround23 Audio/Video Assistant: Brendan Sweeney

CAMPGround23 Poster/Social media design: Modesta Gorol 

CAMPGround23 Promotion Video: Joshua Mallard

CAMPGround23 Volunteers: Joshua Adler, Christina Diedrich, Tyler Faulkner

CAMPGround23 Commissioned Composer

Sangbin Rhie

Now making musical stuff and studying Computer Music Theory in Korea National University of Arts located in South Korea, Seoul(also studied Computer Engineering in Konkuk University). My music is “rarely” being performed among South Korea and USA nowdays. Recently, I’m interested in various sound material’s characteristics, aura, quality and trying to integrate them inside new systems and rules which I make(idea of System making usually derives from events or phenomenon happening around us). I’m also interested in electric instruments such as electric guitar or self-made synths. Another big interest of mine is DSP with pre-recorded audio samples. I sometimes try to make ambient sounds or pay attention to other well-known composer’s music in order to quote their musical fragments. 

I think composing music and performing music is a real, social activity and tend to concentrate on social aspect of sonic events and try to highlight the social, cultural, political significance of music and sometimes twist them to make humorous situation deriving from musical material’s extra-musical aura. I sometimes  work as an audio programmer and use pure data and supercollider mainly(w/ MAX 8 as an assistant). I also write articles about computer music theory. My article’s theme includes “new ways of distortion effects”, “finding frequency components of non-linear waveshaped signal”, “physically modeling Gayageum(Korean traditional instrument) sound”, “Interpreting Xenakis’ Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis on frequency domain”…etc. 


Featured Composers

We are happy to announce the composers who have been selected for our second international new music festival, CAMPGround23.

Meet the Performing Artists of CAMPGround

CAMP is proud to welcome these performing artists from around the world to CAMPGround23.