CAMP’s resident experimental music ensemble.

Mural: Ya La’Ford

What we do

Null-state is a live-electronics and live-coding ensemble co-founded by Melody Chua and Benjamin D. Whiting. Null-state also engages in the research and development of a sensor-augmented electroacoustic flute, Chaosflöte, making it accessible to both experienced performers and those with less familiarity with electronics. As part of a desire to share the joy of working with electronics, Null-state teaches seminars on incorporating electronics in instrumental composition and performance, as well as live coding.

Who we are

Melody Chua photo

Melody Chua

Melody Chua is a pioneering force of her generation in the development of interdisciplinary performances with new technologies. Her portfolio includes works with 360° touchscreens, 360° videos, Ambisonics, motion capture systems, live-coding, pressure-sensitive shoes, real-time projection visuals, microcontrollers, and sensor-augmented instruments, while at the same time reflecting critically on the multifaceted issues surrounding human-machine interactions.


Benjamin D. Whiting

His music having being described as “marvelously intriguing” and “evocative” in a Fanfare review, composer Benjamin D. Whiting is perpetually seeking to find new and exciting ways in which technology can assist composers and performers by augmenting their expressive potential.