Piano Talk EP 004: Anthony R. Green

CAMP Podcasts
CAMP Podcasts
Piano Talk EP 004: Anthony R. Green

Join CAMP’s president Eunmi Ko in her discussion with composer Anthony R. Green.

Anthony R. Green https://www.anthonyrgreen.com/

1) Wynton Kelly Stone Guess – https://soundcloud.com/wyntonkellystoneguess/piano-sonata

2) Jessica Mays – https://soundcloud.com/jessicamays

3) Monthati Masebe-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzfRVkc1ZAs

— Music —

To Anacreon in the US, performed by Aristo Sham : https://www.aristosham.net/

2nd mov, Solution, performed by Eunmi Ko

I am going mad(libs), Refamed by Eunmi Ko


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