The Story Behind Ursus Dolor Quis Et Ipsum.

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Meet Your Hosts

Joshua Mallard is an award-winning composer currently residing in Tampa, Florida. Mallard’s works have been performed internationally by a variety of ensembles, including Rote Hund Muzik and HyperCube. His solo flute work Perennial was recently programmed on Fear No Music’s concert series, “Tomorrow Is My Turn”. Mallard’s fixed media work, Detritus, was recently programmed on an Eastman Audio Research Studio Concert at the Eastman School of Music.

Additionally, Mallard works as a composer and sound designer for media. He has worked with companies such as The Teenage Diplomat, Pencilmation, Blipsounds, and Forest Ring Games.

Name of Podcast

Josh Mallard

Logan Barrett is a composer, pianist, and electronic musician currently based in Rochester, New York.  His compositional interests include the use of number sequences in compositional technique, extended just intonation systems, and electroacoustic improvisation using Pure Data. His music is often stylistically diverse, with each piece embodying a unique compositional process and sound world. He recently participated in summer festivals including the SoundSCAPE festival. He has presented research on topics such as Hindustani music through a western lens at the Darmstadt Summer Courses, the Nief Norf Research Summit in Knoxville, and more recently on the use of extended combinatorial structures in alternate tunings at the 2019 ICMC/NYCEMF conference in New York City. As an active advocate of new music, Logan has premiered and performed many works as a pianist. Logan is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in composition at the Eastman School of Music studying composition with Robert Morris and electronic music with Matthew Barber.

Name of Podcast

Logan Barrett

Zach Hale

Zachary Hale is a percussionist, composer, and software developer who bridges the gaps between music technology and music performance. After having played and recorded with the McCormick Percussion Group as well as in Broadway theatre productions such as Legally Blonde and South Pacific, he moved to Montréal, Quebec to study with Aiyun Huang and Fabrice Marandola. While in Montréal he performed with Ensemble Paramirabo, Ciao Rhino, Sixtrum, Architek Percussion, and the McGill Percussion Ensemble. He holds a Bachelor of Music in percussion, composition, and electronic music from the University of South Florida, and a Master of Music in percussion from McGill University. He currently resides in Clearwater, FL.

Currently based in Rochester, New York, Tucker Johnson is a composer and improviser producing works for soloists, ensembles, and electronic media. He seeks to draw connections between philosophy, mathematics and design through his work. These ideas are often synthesized through a blend of experimentation and highly organized systems. Recent explorations in Tucker’s music have included prescriptive applications of mathematical relationships/number sequences, the reorganization of improvised materials, and integral conceptual structures. As and improvisor, his duo project with percussionist Lionel Martinez (spank;) recently released spank; + Logan Barrett, an album produced in collaboration with composer and electronic musician Logan Barrett. He has participated in festivals such as Dot-The-Line, Longy’s Divergent Studio, and soundSCAPE. Tucker is pursuing the MA in music composition at the Eastman School of music.

Name of Podcast

Tucker Johnson

As a music lover and performer, her interest in music and the arts has taken Diane across the globe. Her favorite moments stem from the interactions with interesting individuals, artists and performers who are passionately steeped into their work, more often off stage then on. In each episode, she is excited to present such conversations, diving into the work and creative minds of unique performers and musical artists.