Join our hosts as they explore exciting topics in the world of contemporary music and collaborative art.

CAMP Podcasts


KAMP (Korean Art Music Project) explores the vibrant world of contemporary composition in South Korea through interviews with Korean composers.

Host: Uijin Oh

Lost to Time

Lost to Time shines a light on composers and instrumentalists of marginalized groups whose music has been wrongfully lost to time.

Hosts: Han Hitchen, Joshua Mallard

Musical Headwaters

Musical Headwaters sheds light on the compositional process through evocative interviews with established composers.

Host: DaiAne

Piano Talk

Piano Talk traverses the kaleidoscopic world of the contemporary piano, gleaning insight into writing for the instrument as well as emerging pedagogy.

Host: Eunmi Ko

Play the Ink

Play the Ink provides a unique look into the collaborative relationship between composer and performer and how that influences how pieces are written.

Host: Zachary Hale

Special Edition

From time to time we air content outside of our usual series, from interviews with those working behind the scenes in music to other educational topics.

Hosts: Various