CAMPGround24 (March 14–16, 2024)

Call For Installation Proposals

Call for Installation Proposals

Application Guidelines


The Contemporary Art Music Project (CAMP) is proud to host its third annual festival, CAMPGround24, in Tampa Bay, FL. CAMP is pleased to present a new event featuring comprehensive, multi-disciplinary installation work at Tampa’s art gallery, Tempus Projects.

CAMP is looking for proposals of installations of any theme or concept. Proposals should succinctly describe the intent of the installation and describe it as completely as possible. They should also delineate all materials required for the production of the installation. Featured CAMP performers are available to play any music required for the installation.

CAMP offers all selected student composers lodging (shared house) for the entire duration of the festival. Also, CAMP recruits student composers to assist CAMPGround24’s technical director during the festival.

Venue Details

    • Roughly 35’x40’ (10.7m x 12.2m) of usable space
    • White walls
    • Three (3) projectors available for use at venue
    • Stereophonic PA system available for use at venue

Please contact us with any questions regarding space and/or tech availability. The feasibility of the proposal will be considered in the adjudication process.

Participant Eligibility

  • This call is open to all composers regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Those belonging to disadvantaged or underrepresented ethnic groups are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Artists can submit one (1) detailed proposal outlining the production and needs of their installation. A non-refundable application fee of $20USD is required with the submission.
  • Selected participants are required to attend the festival.  
    • The Contemporary Art Music Project is NOT responsible for providing or reimbursing any travel or lodging expenses for selected participants and their performers. Official letters of invitation will be provided upon request to help secure funding from grants or institutions that a participant may be affiliated with. However, if you are a student composer, you are qualified to receive free lodging for the entire duration of the festival.
  • If selected, a registration fee of $75USD will be due by December 31, 2023 to secure participation in the festival. Failure to pay this fee will result in forfeiting your spot to the next applicant on the wait list.
  • Selected composers MUST register and attend the entire festival. If selected, participants must confirm their attendance by January 31, 2024. The registration fee becomes non-refundable after January 31, 2024.

Proposal Eligibility

  • Proposed installations may be pre-existing or new in conception.
  • Works integrating various forms of art/media are encouraged.
  • Installations of any style, aesthetic, and approach are accepted.
  • Installations may be static or dynamic. If there is an intended sequence of events, please plan to limit this to 60 minutes.
  • Installations will be given one (1) day to set up and one (1) day to tear down.
  • Artists may provide their own performers/materials/tech/etc. Components that need to be provided by CAMP must be clearly defined and itemized. The feasibility of providing these components will be considered in the adjudication process.
  • Proposals must be uploaded as a PDF file.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023 at 11:59pm EDT (UTC-4)
  • Submissions will only be accepted online. No hard copy submissions will be accepted.
  • Each applicant may only submit one (1) proposal.
  • Submissions must include a brief biography (150 words maximum).
  • Submissions must include a brief artist statement (300 words maximum).
  • Submissions must include basic stage plots as well as a complete tech rider in PDF files.
  •  Submissions must include a comprehensive, detailed proposal of the installation, including the central concept, a description of the installation/sequence of events, any required materials, and a plan for execution to address any logistic considerations.
  • File submissions should adhere to the following naming guidelines:
    • LastnameFirstname_Proposal.pdf
    • LastnameFirstname_Tech.pdf
    • LastnameFirstname_Plot.pdf
  • Submissions may include links to any relevant media examples.
  • Scores and recordings should be uploaded to an online file sharing service or streaming platform and remain accessible until March 31, 2024. The use of file transfer services like WeTransfer is prohibited.
  • Successful submissions will clearly and succinctly explain the installation’s conception and execution, be reasonably feasible in scope, involve multimedia components, and be readily accessible and interesting for any audience.

Instrument List

Should your proposed installation require musicians, please refer to the following list unless you intend on providing your own:

  • Flute (Julianna Eidle)
  • Trumpet (Arda Cabaoglu)
  • 4 Saxophones (Daniel Espinoza, Matt Evans, Doug O’Connor, and Katherine Weintraub)
  • 6 Percussionists (inc. Kevin von Kampen)
  • Piano (Eunmi Ko)
  • Soprano (Jamie Jordan)
  • 2 Violins (Sini Virtanen, 2nd violinist TBD)
  • Viola (Sebastian Stefanovic)
  • Cello (Laura Usiskin)
Selected composers/artists will be informed individually no later than November 30, 2023.
If selected, the festival registration fee of $75USD is due by December 31, 2023.

This fee becomes non-refundable on January 31, 2024.

For any questions or additional information, please contact us here.