We want to take a moment and recognize everyone who supports CAMP and our mission to support those involved in contemporary art music.


Donations totalling $1 or more

4 Anonymous Donors
Heather Hyoeun Ahn
Ariadne Antipa
Courtney Atkinson
Alex Burtzos
Gyung Sik Choy
Christina Diederich
Ann DuHamel
Patrick Fleitz
Joel Garza
Youshin Gim
Tucker Johnson
Jiyoun Kim
Kitae Kim
Ok-kyoung Kim
Benjamin Koller
Eunji Lee
Seeun Lee
David Lipten
Clare Longendyke
Katherine McGee
Christopher Nichols
Hanee Park
Craig B. Parker
Richard Pressley
Axel Retif
Christy E Sallee
Michael Schelle
Carl Schimmel
Taebeom Seo
Robert Siegel
Ryne Siesky
Michael Standard
Ashton Stewart
Misuzu Tanaka
Aline Trifonov
Hoyean Yang
Jhe-Hao Yang


Donations totalling $50 or more

2 Anonymous Donors
Christopher Adler
Aaron Alter
Ari Antipa
Anruo Cheng
Patrick Chin Ting Chan
Anthony R. Green
Dorothy Hindman
Julia Keller
Tyler Kline
Zach Konick
Joanne Li
John Liberatore
Thea Lobo
Alicja Molitorys
Christopher Nichols
Yeil Park
Alex Shanafelt
Omri Shimron

Yuting Tan
Sini Virtanen
Tihda Vongkoth
Stephen Yip


Donations totalling $100 or more

4 Anonymous Donors
Barrett School of Music
Liana Berube
Arda Cabaoğlu
Barry Chow
Eduardo Costa Roldan
Hyun Rye Go
Kyung Shin Hahn
Hubert Ho
Laura Hollis
Jonathan Hunt
Beverly C Huo
Vera Ivanova
Jamie Jordan
Youngja Kim
Hyunyun Ko
Juyoung Ko
Modern Marimba
Music Gallery of Clearwater
Martin Ohu
João Pedro Oliveira
Opera Huntsville
Joon Park
Jon Reidinger 
Roger Shanafelt
Andrew Sigler
Courtney S. Sullivan
Lynne Sullivan
Hilary Tann
Timucua Arts Foundation
Anh Dang Minh Vu
Brian Whiting


Donations totalling $500 or more

William de Ingeniis
Chihchun Lee
David Liptak
Margaret Miller
Armen Shanafelt
Marie-Claude Shanafelt
Youngsuk Yang


Donations totalling $1000 or more

Hyun Jik Ko
Robert McCormick
Stephen Miles

*In addition to being listed here, CAMP Sponsors are acknowledged in the footer of our webpages, as well as in our concert programs and other media.

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