Podcast: Play the Ink

Play the Ink EP 004: James O’Callaghan and Jeff Stonehouse

In this Episode, Zach interviews composer James O’Callaghan and flautist Jeff Stonehouse about collaboration and their work with Ensemble Paramirabo. https://jeffreystonehouse.wordpress.com/ https://jamesocallaghan.com/ https://ensembleparamirabo.com/en Find Ensemble Paramirabo on Spotify Home

Play the Ink EP 003: Aiyun Huang and Mari Kimura

Join host Zach Hale as he speaks with collaborators Aiyun and Mari about their introduction to electronics, their project Iron Bird, and various thoughts around academia. Previous event featuring Mari Kimura and Joseph Kubera: https://roulette.org/event/interpretations-mari-kimura-joseph-kubera/ Learn about the MUGIC: https://mugicmotion.com/ https://www.aiyunhuang.com/ http://www.marikimura.com/ https://contemporaryartmusicproject.org/

Play the Ink EP 002: Fabrice Marandola and Philippe Leroux

This week, join host Zachary Hale as he interviews percussionist Fabrice Marandola and composer Philippe Leroux about the position of percussion in contemporary music, performance and creating tradition, and the guests’ thoughts on a French musical approach. Works of Discussion: De La Vitesse https://youtu.be/fGQEJfnkalg De l’itération https://youtu.be/cbjneQ_pUw4 De la texture https://youtu.be/VIOp42t4mng AAA https://youtu.be/JwJTKU4TA3U https://www.lerouxcomposition.com/en/ https://www.mcgill.ca/music/fabrice-m… …

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Play the Ink EP 001: Chihchun Chi Sun Lee & Haiqiong Deng

In this episode, our host Zachary Hale will talk with composer Chihchun Chi-Sun Lee and master player of Chinese guzheng, Haiqiong Deng. Listen to them discuss traditional Chinese instruments and their role in new music composition. https://youtu.be/D84tfxmQ9IM “Mackay“ for the guzheng, composed by Chihchun Chi-sun Lee; lecture/ performance by Haiqiong Deng